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      Four days in the world, surrounded by good fortune from all directions, and the cause is moving forward smoothly; The safety cover is safe and stable, and the good fortune and good fortune are both auspicious; The world is prosperous, the country is prosperous, the body is strong, the family is beautiful; Have faith, heart and confidence! Gongyi Zhongyuan Innovation Water Supply Equipment Co., Ltd regards quality as life, regards users as God, and always follows the quality policy of being responsible for every process, every product, and every user, and wholeheartedly serves users. Bless you Only wish the new year peace, peace and happiness. Even though the years flow, there is no worry! Bless your company to win the praise of customers from all over the world, and expand the wealth of all sides!!

      Contact number:0371-68676867    

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      In terms of product sales, the interests of Gong Yi customers are the first consideration of Zhongyuan Innovation Water Supply. Zhongyuan Innovation's service pursues refinement, from pre sales consulting, enthusiastic service, to product promotion during sales, we all require refinement. Powerful design and development, production and manufacturing, installation and debugging, technical maintenance, irregular return visits, strict quality assurance, and fast and effective after-sales service have been carefully arranged in each link, solving a series of worries for Gong Yi customers.  

      Gong Yi Before a customer purchases a product, Zhongyuan Innovation Water Supply sends engineering and technical personnel to the user site for free to plan and design better solutions for the user; After purchasing the product, a dedicated after-sales service personnel will be assigned to arrive at the site for guidance.

      Gong Yi Customer installation and debugging, assisting customers in planning and managing products until user satisfaction is achieved.

      Zhongyuan Innovation Water Supply Corporate purpose: honesty based, quality first

      Zhongyuan Innovation Water Supply Business credo: Creating innovative water supply brands to satisfy users is our eternal pursuit of service tenet: responsible for every process, responsible for every user.

      Pre Sales:

      (1) Selection of product specifications and models.

      (2) According to Gong Yi customers' special requirements, customized production products.

      (3) Train technical personnel for customers.

      On sale:

      (1) Product acceptance.

      (2) Assist Gong Yi customers in formulating plans for water treatment sites.

      After sales:

      (1) Assign dedicated after-sales service personnel to arrive at the site to guide customers in debugging.

      (2) Train operators on site.

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