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      Rigid waterproof casing

      Rigid waterproof casing

      [Product Name]: 02S404 Rigid Waterproof Sleeve

      [Alias]: 02S404 Rigid Waterproof Sleeve Rigid Waterproof Sleeve


      [Product color]: Sky blue, green, silver, red (see the product display image for the actual color)

      [Scope of application]: [Steel pipe, PP pipe, etc]

      [Product Standard]: 04FS02 (Atlas No.)

           Dear customer of [Rigid waterproof casing], it is very fortunate that you can find us in the vast information!Listen to the Party, follow the Party, and unite for peaceful rise!Gongyi Zhongyuan Innovation Water Supply Equipment Co., LtdIs a Rigid waterproof casing product manufacturer, has been deeply engaged in the field of water supply and drainage materials engineering construction pipelines since its establishment, and strives to provide customers with reliable Rigid waterproof casing products for water supply and drainage materials engineering construction pipelines! With ingenuity and concentration, one can always achieve success! The following areGongyi Zhongyuan Innovation Water Supply Equipment Co., LtdDue to limited space, please immediately call Zhongyuan Innovation Water Supply Rigid waterproof casing for product technical consultation at [0371-68676867] if you are unsure of the relevant information about the Rigid waterproof casing product that I have compiled for you!

      Introduction to rigid waterproof casing

      The rigid waterproof sleeve is a steel pipe with an outer wing ring (made of steel plate ringly sheathed on the steel pipe), which is installed inside the wall (mostly concrete walls). It is used for ordinary pipes to penetrate the wall, which is conducive to the waterproof of the wall. If only considering the wall penetration of the pipe without considering the waterproof performance of both sides of the wall and the displacement and deformation of the pipe after the wall penetration, rigid waterproof sleeves can be selected.

      Description of rigid waterproof casing

      1. Rigid waterproof casing is suitable for both cast iron pipes and non-metallic pipes, but the relevant dimensions should be corrected according to the thickness of the pipe wall used.

      2. After the processing of the wing ring and steel casing, the outer wall of the wing ring and steel casing shall be painted with a primer (including camphor or cold primer oil).

      3. The material weight listed in the casing size table is the weight of the steel casing (the casing length L value is calculated as 200mm) and the wing ring. The steel sleeve and wing ring are made of A3 material and welded with T42 welding rod.

      4. The wall where the casing penetrates the wall should be replaced by a concrete wall if it is not a concrete wall. The concrete pouring range of the type II casing should be 200mm larger than the diameter of the wing ring (D4), and the casing should be poured and fixed in the wall at one time. The filler inside the casing shall be tightly compacted.

      5. The thickness of the concrete wall at the waterproof sleeve should not be less than 200mm, otherwise one or both sides of the wall should be thickened. The diameter of the thickened part should be 200mm larger than the diameter of the wing ring (D4)

      Features of rigid waterproof casing:

      1、 According to the surface and national standard waterproof casing, refer to the 02s404 atlas for production and processing, and the size is suitable for the national standard requirements. Employees with a resume can see seven or eight points.

      2、 According to the construction, the national standard waterproof casing construction is relatively strict compared to non-standard construction, and the requirements for welding technology and spraying process are much higher than ordinary ones.

      3、 According to the weight and national standard waterproof casing, materials are selected and purchased according to the atlas parameters. There is no use of leftover materials or inferior materials, so the weight of the waterproof casing is similar to the actual weight of the national standard.

      The size, workmanship, and weight of the national standard type waterproof casing can be seen by consumers as long as they carefully observe and compare them. {Full Name of Enterprise} - The waterproof casing produced by the manufacturer's innovative pipeline meets national standards. We strive for development with quality, win the market with integrity, and specialize in the pipeline industry. The quality of our products is worthy of your trust.

      Purpose of rigid waterproof casing

      The rigid waterproof sleeve is suitable for structures (buildings) that do not withstand pipeline vibration and expansion deformation at the place where the pipeline penetrates the wall, and for the renovation and reconstruction of structures (buildings) or pipelines where the space at the place where the pipeline penetrates the wall is limited or where the pipeline installation precedes the structures (buildings) or pipelines. For areas with seismic fortification requirements, if rigid waterproof sleeves are used, flexible connections should be provided nearby on the pipes entering the pool wall or building exterior wall. Type A is suitable for steel pipes, while Type B and Type C are suitable for ductile iron steel pipes and cast iron pipes.  

          Brave the wind and waves to open a new chapter! How to make Zhongyuan Innovation Water Supply [Rigid waterproof casing] quality stable and reliable, create greater customer value, and provide Chinese refined products products for the society is the direction that Zhongyuan Innovation Water Supply people are committed to pursuing!

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